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Test poznavanja poslovnog engleskog jezika

Za svako pitanje predloženo je nekoliko mogućih odgovora. Odaberite odgovor za koji mislite da je točan.

Klikom na 'Dalje' prelazite na sljedeći korak. Bez obzira na vaše znanje, test možete ispuniti u cijelosti. Rezultate ćete dobiti na kraju testa.

Molimo Vas da test ispunite pažljivo budući da prema njemu određujemo stupanj koji biste mogli upisati.


A2.1 (4. stupanj)

1. I like to work overtime, even if the pay was very good.
2. You use the internet at work for personal purposes.
3. I my e-mail every morning.
4. She in Berlin until the end of the month.
5. Our company a lot of money on advertising last year.
6. We trouble with the new design when suddenly she had a great idea.
7. Stress levels in recent years.
8. When you arrange to meet someone, it is a good idea to send an e-mail to the date and time of your meeting.
9. Junior managers who a promotion often face many problems with authority and responsibility.
10. Jane invited me for dinner last night. Her husband is a great .

A2.2 (5. stupanj)

11. We relaunch the series next year.
12. If you give us a 5% discount, we more goods.
13. If I more money, I would buy a big house.
14. Rice by farmers in India.
15. We need to arrange our finances we can develop the business.
16. I apologized Sarah for giving her the wrong information.
17. Can we agree the date for our next meeting?
18. It was very to be late for the meeting and not even apologize.
19. Every new product needs to be so that we can find out how well it works.
20. The CEO cannot make it, so we will have to our meeting.

B1.1 (6. stupanj)

21.To keep in touch with my staff, we a meeting once a week.
22. At the moment I as an accountant.
23. We came to an agreement at meeting.
24. Last year less customers the leading department store.
25. The yearly revenues since 2003.
26. information is power.
27. He changed jobs and now he is analyst.
28. You pay in cash, you can use a credit card.
29. Our company is about to its head office to Malta.
30. The advertising campaign will younger consumers.


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