Lekcija 8 – Pridjevi

U ovoj lekciji učimo kako u engleskom jeziku tvorimo pridjeve. Lekcija obrađuje temu na srednjoj razini.


Lesson 8 – Adjectives

In this lesson we’ll learn how adjectives are formed in English. The topic covered in the lesson is at intermediate level.

Tipični završeci pridjeva u engleskom jeziku su:

Typical ending of adjectives in English are:

-ous (dangerous)

-ive (effective)

-ing (interesting)

-ed (bored)

-ish (childish)

-ar (similar)

-ble / -able (possible)

-al (fatal)

-ful (wonderful)

-less (careless)

-ent (excellent)

-ant (brilliant)



Nikada ne pišite duplo ‘l’ kod pridjeva koji završavaju na –ful (wonderful).

Never write double ‘l’ in adjectives that end with –ful (wonderful).

Zadatak / Task

Pridjevi u ovim rečenicama su pogrešno napisani. Ispravite ih.

The adjectives in these sentences have been misspelt. Correct them.


  1. We decided to spend a day on the beach since the weather was marvellos.
  2. He is a very successfull actor.
  3. There has been lower pupils’ attendance for three successife school years.
  4. It was my fault – it would be foolesh to think otherwise.
  5. These words are meaningles.
  6. You can count on him. He is a reliabel person.


Odgovori / Answers

  1. Marvellous
  2. Successful
  3. Successive
  4. Foolish
  5. Meaningless
  6. Reliable


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