Lekcija 6 – Novogodišnja odluka

New Year’s resolution – a promise made to yourself that you start doing something good or you stop doing something bad on the New Year’s Day (1 January).The topic covered in the lesson is at intermediate level.

Zadatak 1 / Task 1

Pročitajte tekst i pokušajte razumjeti podebljane riječi. Zatim povežite izraze (brojevi 1-12) s njihovim definicijama (slova A-L).

Read the text and try to understand the meaning of the words in bold. Then match the key words (numbers 1-12) with their definitions (letters A-L).

The New Year’s Eve (31 December) is a perfect day to make New Year’s resolutions to improve the quality of your life. Popular resolutions include improving physical well-being such as eating healthy, losing weight, exercising more, quitting smoking and cutting down on drinking alcohol, improving the relationships with relatives, and learning something new such as a foreign language or playing a musical instrument.

To accomplish your resolutions, start following your plan immediately and track your progress. For example, you can redeem the gift voucher (British English) or gift certificate (American English) you received for Christmas. It is also crucial that you convince yourself that you can change your habits.

Don’t let yourself down by leaving your resolutions unfulfilled! But don’t be too hard on yourself and enjoy 2014!

1 Gift voucher / gift certificate A Family members
2 Redeem B A piece of paper that is worth some money or can be exchanged for goods
3 Well-being C To follow; to monitor
4 Quit D To reduce; to do something less
5 Cut down on E To disappoint somebody
6 Relatives F To exchange for money or goods
7 Accomplish G To make somebody/yourself believe that something is true
8 Let somebody down H Very important
9 Unfulfilled I Not achieved; not completed
10 Track J General health
11 Convince K To stop doing something; give up
12 Crucial L To complete something; to make something happen


Zadatak 2 / Task 2

Zamijenite podcrtane fraze s riječima iz teksta zadatka 1.

Replace the underlined phrases with the expressions from the text in task 1.

This year I am going to 1.give up smoking and 2.reduce the alcohol intake. I will also sign up for fitness classes to become more fit.  This is 3.very important for my 4.general health. To 5.achieve my goals I will 6.use the gift voucher I got for Christmas. I will start on January 1 and I will be 7.monitoring my progress regularly.



Odgovori na zadatak 1 / Answers to task 1


1. B

2. F

3. J

4. K

5. D

6. A

7. L

8. E

9. I

10. C

11. G

12. H


Odgovori na zadatak 2 / Answers to task 2

1. quit

2. cut down on

3. crucial

4. well-being

5. accomplish

6. redeem

7. tracking

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