Lekcija 10 – Imenice

U ovoj lekciji učimo kako u engleskom jeziku tvorimo imenice. Lekcija obrađuje temu na srednjoj razini.


Lesson 10 – Nouns

In this lesson we’ll learn how nouns are formed in English. The topic covered in the lesson is at intermediate level.



Tipični završeci imenica u engleskom jeziku su:

Typical endings of nouns in English are:

-er (danger)

-tion (fiction)

-sion (discussion)

-ce (justice)

-cy (policy)

-ance (finance)

-ence (confidence)

-ness (happiness)

-ment (government)

-hood (childhood)

-dom (freedom)

-ist (scientist)

-ty (probability)

-ship (friendship)



Imenice koje završavaju na –sion uglavnom se tvore od glagola koji završavaju na suglasnik s ili d (e.g. discuss – discussion; decide – decision).

Nouns that end with -sion are usually formed from verbs that end with the consonant s or d (e.g. discuss – discussion; decide – decision).


Zadatak / Task

Napravite pripadajuće imenice iz sljedećih glagola i pridjeva.

Form the nouns from the following verbs and adjectives.

  1. Provide -
  2. Brilliant -
  3. Careful -
  4. Possible –
  5. Practise -
  6. Similar -
  7. Impress –
  8. Effective –
  9. Excellent –
  10. Acquire –
  11. Efficient –
  12. Manage -


Odgovori / Answers

  1. Provision
  2. Brilliance
  3. Carefulness
  4. Possibility
  5. Practice
  6. Similarity
  7. Impression
  8. Effectiveness
  9. Excellence
  10. Acquisition
  11. Efficiency
  12. Management / manager

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